– 11-year-old boy Nate Richardson had one hell of a night yesterday at AEW Dynamite as the wrestling fan was invited to the ring after Dynamite and Dark tapings finished and had the opportunity to pin Cody. Dressed as Orange Cassidy, Nate was celebrating his birthday by sitting ringside for the show.. Nate, along with his dad, also attended the AEW debut episode in Washington and became an instant hit with the fans due to his cosplay. With Cody, Brandi, Dustin, The Young Bucks, and MJF in the ring, Cody invited Nate to the ring. “I have no idea what prompted Cody to bring him into the ring.. I was asked many times if it was planned, who we know, how’d we make that happen, etc. It was 100% unscripted,” his father Derek told ABC affiliate 6ABC Action News. “We had no idea that would happen. Wrestling is built on improv in a lot of ways and that’s what that was.” After waiting for a referee to come in, Cody then went down on the mat and encouraged the young boy to pin him. MJF didn’t want the kid to do it, calling him a little brat, but after Dustin interfered urging the fan to do it, the 11-year-old covered Cody, including hooking his leg. After his hand was raised, Cody then gave him his American Nightmare weightlifting belt. The Young Bucks then wondered if this will also be counting towards Cody’s win/loss record and Cody jokingly said to get the kid a plane ticket to Baltimore as he’s going to face Jericho at Full Gear! “My son was stunned at the ‘announcement’ regarding Full Gear and ‘his match’ against Jericho. I had to break the news that it was a joke. I don’t think he actually thought he was fighting Jericho. He would be there in a heartbeat, however. He has, in the past, asked if he could go to wrestling school. I can’t say I’d stop him,” his father told 6ABC.

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