WWE ran its first-ever 205 Live house show events back in January, and while the shows were said to be solid events from an entertainment standpoint, they did not draw very well in terms of ticket sales. In fact, WWE had to cancel the first event of the three which were planned and added Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt as a special attraction match to help with ticket sales.

With the recent overhaul of WWE 205 Live as Triple H has taken over the show, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports there are plans to resume touring with the brand. As of now, more live events could come as early as May, or WWE might wait until the fall to begin touring with the brand after the roster and show has been given ample time to improve.

As we noted, last week, there has been talk of moving NXT stars Ricochet and Lio Rush to the 205 Live brand to further assist in bolstering the talent roster.

More Details On Vince McMahon’s Pay in 2017 and 2018

As noted, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon once again made the Forbes billionaires list, as he currently holds WWE stock valued at around $1.223 billion.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon earned $1.4 million in straight salary back in 2017, and his total pay, including stock awards and incentive plan compensation, was $3,087,537. McMahon stands to make another $1.4 million in salary this year, and will once again total more with other compensation factored into the numbers.

Source :

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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