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– Former WWE ring announcer Brandi Rhodes recently participated in a interview with Ring Of Honor and discussed a wide variety of topics, check out the highlights below:

On facing Kelly Klein in her first singles match:

“When you’re in the ring with somebody like Kelly Klein, who’s never been submitted or pinned with Women of Honor, that’s a lot to take in. She’s obviously very confident. She had some moments, though, where I noticed overconfidence, which allowed me to kind of get a little bit of an upper hand on her a couple of times. If I ever come face to face with her again, I definitely see that working to my advantage. That is how you can chop somebody like Kelly Klein down. Hopefully I can get a rematch.”

On feeling she has more to prove being Cody’s wife:

“I absolutely have more to prove than anybody who steps foot in that ring. I’ve had a target on my back since the second I opened my mouth and said that I want to do more. People these days don’t really like that. It’s kind of “stay in your role.” I don’t have a role. I’m not very good at staying in my lane, and I’m not confined to any role or by any rules. So, naturally, there’s always going to be a target on my back. Everybody’s going to look for any mistake they can find whether it’s in the ring or outside the ring. My job is to stay focused on what I’m trying to do. There will be haters along the way and there will be fans along the way. I am definitely very aware that I’m somebody who’s always got a target on them.”

On Cody’s reaction when you first told him that you wanted to wrestle:

“His reaction was, “I think you should absolutely go for it if this is what you want to do.” He said I just need to put 100 percent into it because wrestling is one of those things that you can’t do 50 percent. He’s very much been focused on making sure I put forth the same effort I did at the beginning all the way through, making sure there’s no point at which I get lazy or overconfident or don’t want to go in and train. I doubt that will ever happen with me because I’ve always been a student of whatever sport I’m in, but it’s nice to have him there to keep me fully focused.”

Her thoughts on the competition in Women of Honor:

“The women in Women of Honor are very passionate about what they do. They also hit extremely hard (laughs). So the competition is extremely stiff. I’m very proud that I’ve been able to get in the ring with the people that I have so far and not look like a complete fish out of water. I’m happy that I’m earning my keep here and it’s going to be a slow and steady game, but every time I get in the ring with these women I learn so much because they really are a plethora of information and ability. And no two of them are the same as far as what to expect from them in the ring, so that’s a great way to learn. It’s just being thrown into the deep end, as you said, and trying to swim.”

On her goals as a competitor in WOH:

“I’m already meeting a lot of them, because one of my goals was just to actually become a competitor. I couldn’t just walk in and say, “Hey, I’m Brandi Rhodes and I’m going to wrestle.” You actually have to have some ability and earn your keep. I’ve shown that I’m determined, I’ve shown ability and I’ve shown that I can hang in the ring with these women. Am I the world’s greatest wrestler? Not today. Will I be to tomorrow? Wait and see. My goals are to keep trending upward and changing people’s minds. The more comfortable I get, that’s when the wins will happen.”

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