Earlier in the week, AEW announced they were using the former WCW PPV name “Bash at the Beach”. The name had been trademarked by Cody Rhodes after WWE had let it expire. 
It was also revealed that Cody also owned the trademarks on The American Dream, The American Nightmare, Dusty Rhodes, The Match Beyond, Battlebowl, Bunkhouse Stampede, and The Prince of Wrestling. 
Now it seems he has he filed trademarks for both “Slamboree” and “Superbrawl.” 
“Slamboree” was a WCW PPV event from 1993 through May 2000, “Superbrawl” was a WCW PPV event from 1991 through February 2001. 
We now wait to see if the trademarks are approved, and then how they will be used.Click Here: cheap nrl jersey sale

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