Ring Of Honor star, Cody Rhodes discussed how he has chosen happiness over other options, noting that he is in the top three best paid in his industry.

Rhodes was asked if he would rather be in the mid-card and rich or the main event and underpaid. Cody stated he would take a third option, which was happiness, stating that is easy because his wife is hot and he is in the top three highest paid in his industry.

I'll take a third option: happy

(which is easy considering I'm in the top-3 highest paid in my industry and my wife is super hot) https://t.co/iKW5MZGanM

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) March 4, 2018

Bury The Drug Free Bear Note

Bury The Drug Free Bear has become a mascot for Being The Elite in recent weeks and has begun appearing at ringside for matches, which has led to speculation that whoever is behind the suit will be revealed as a wrestler, potentially at the ALL IN show.

One name that it will not be is Cody Rhodes’ brother, Goldust. Bury The Bear tweeted out that he can confirm he is not Goldust.

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I've heard the rumors.

I'm not Goldust.

I'm Bury. https://t.co/zQdpnNbd26

— Bury The Drug Free Bear (@BuryDrug) March 4, 2018

Primate’s Training Center Takes Shape

Yesterday we reported that British independent wrestler, Primate, will be launching his own training performance center in the UK in the summer and work has already begun on the facility.

Primate tweeted out images of the area taking shape ahead of it becoming the PC in the summertime, noting that people’s support has been amazing.

So the facility is taking shape and your support has been amazing so far, for those who have bought tshirts they are fresh of the press and will be posted early next week. Please, if you haven’t got a tshirt grab one and help this amazing project!! pic.twitter.com/yW4jr5sJVn

— PRIMATE (@The_Primate_) March 4, 2018

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