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Ring of Honor Champion Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, and below are some interview highlights:

On racism in pro wrestling, and the current climate in America:

“It bothers me, but even surprises me when racism pops up,” said Rhodes. “I had a fan tweet to tell me he’d been a fan for a long time, but he had the Confederate flag as his profile picture. I said, ‘Hey man, you’ve got to get rid of that,’ and he did, but what surprised me about that interaction was the amount of apologists who defended what the Confederate flag actually stood for. That always surprises me–that there are still apologists, essentially, for racism.

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“We don’t need to be educating people on the Confederate flag, it just needs to be gone. In Germany, there are not swastikas on every corner. That part of their past is history and they’ve progressed. I’m always shocked when I see apologists for racism, which has no place. We’re all in this together. Why would we ever divide?”

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On if he regrets Bullet Club ‘invading’ Raw back in September:

“People should watch it, because it’s done in the context of ‘Being The Elite’, which was almost a parody of what was done very well by Degeneration X in 1998. I definitely don’t have any regrets. It’s unfortunate if it upset some people, which it did, but I don’t have any regrets. We had a permit to film, so this wasn’t as guerrilla style as people think it was. It was about ‘Being The Elite’ more than it was about being against WWE. No regrets.”

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