The hilarity of the 24/7 title continues and this time it was a cop who tried to win the title from Truth after he pulled him over.
“Well listen, Mr. Truth, I’m a big fan and I’m gonna let you go with a warning,” the police officer explained as Truth was in the driver’s seat. “I ain’t gonna write no citation, just one thing though, just can I get a picture?” the cop continued.
Truth was happy to oblige as the cop and another officer backed away from the car. Truth popped the trunk to get the 24/7 title out for photo op. “I got ya man, I appreciate that,” Truth tells the two officers.
As Truth got the title out, one of the cops changed into a referee t-shirt much to the surprise of the champ. “You the Po-po and the referee?” a confused Truth said. At that point, the other cop rolled up Truth from behind in the middle of the road but he kicked out at two.
Truth then goes in the car and speeds away with the trunk still open! The skit got some hilarious comments from fans, especially with Truth being a black guy getting pulled over by cops. “Drake Maverick wouldn’t have got pulled over,” joked one user, while another said that Truth is another victim of “police brutality.” Someone even noted the badly-botched roll-up but he was quickly challenged by another user telling him to try to do a roll-up with a knife stick and a gun on his waist!
You can check out the video below.Click Here:

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