Documentary filmmaker Jonny Bravo has been on something of a witch hunt recently, attempting to link WWE Superstar Roman Reigns to Richard Rodriguez, the former owner of a Miami gym and nutritional supplements company that was arrested by the DEA in connection with a multimillion dollar steroid ring.

As noted, Bravo released a new video earlier this week doubling down on his allegations, where Rodriguez actually claims that Reigns had no choice but to deny everything because he had no fallback outside of the wrestling business. The former world champion released a statement to the media saying, “I have never heard of Richard Rodriguez or Wellness Fitness Nutrition. I learned from the mistake I made nearly two years ago and paid the penalty for it.”

Bravo then posted a photo to Instagram of a seemingly random GNC location, claiming to be “on location” where they are filming “another key to the Reigns case”. In a followup post, he explicitly states that Roman’s 2016 suspension and Wellness Policy violation was linked directly to supplements purchased from WFN, the company formerly owned by Rodriguez. He is teasing that the “full report” documenting all his findings will be released to the public “shortly”.

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It’s already been noted that the DEA will not be investing Reigns no matter the information that Bravo and Rodriguez may or may not have, as they generally go after larger distributers and not the individual buyers.

Another bizarre twist to this story is that Bravo, for whatever reason, tagged WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in both his Instagram posts made on Wednesday and Thursday. He also tagged “WrestleMania” and “Royal Rumble” so it’s possible these are just general tags to get the buzz out on social media, but it’s strange that Lesnar and Reigns are the two only WWE stars tagged in the post.

A key to the Reins case which is currently being filmed on location. The story is very interesting and this is a clue as to what is coming. More details to follow. #romanreigns #mark Wahlberg #joshduhamel @tmz_tv @forbes @bostonglobesports @cbssports @nydailynews @esquire @bleacherreport #wwe #prowrestling #bodybuilding #fitness #steroids #filmmaker #reporter #cinematography @mark.whalberg @romanreignsofficial @joshduhamel @musclesportmag @official_rxmuscle @generationironofficial @luimarco @newyorkpost @pagesix @dailymail @wearecultaholic #wwe #wrestlemania #royalrumble #brocklesnar @prowrestlingunlimited @wrestlinginc

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My platform is not a platform based upon rumors. Everything released or stated is based upon 100% facts that have thoroughly investigated and verified by the appropriate sources. The evidence I have received including the Laptop used by WFN was released in a court proceeding and is 110% genuine. If there are any questions about the legitimacy of those items please contact my attorney or the attorney of Richard Rodriguez with any additional questions. Lastly I would not risk my career or reputation on anything that was not based upon 100% facts. More details to follow. #romanreigns #mark Wahlberg #joshduhamel @tmz_tv @forbes @bostonglobesports @cbssports @nydailynews @esquire @bleacherreport #wwe #prowrestling #bodybuilding #fitness #steroids #filmmaker #reporter #cinematography @mark.whalberg @romanreignsofficial @joshduhamel @musclesportmag @official_rxmuscle @generationironofficial @luimarco @newyorkpost @pagesix @dailymail @wearecultaholic #wwe #wrestlemania #royalrumble #brocklesnar @prowrestlingunlimited @wrestlinginc

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