Speaking to France Bleu Armorique, French 28-year-old midfielder Flavien Tait explained how he has so successfully transitioned from a winger into a box-to-box, all-action central midfielder, ascribing a lot of his progress to watching PSG midfielder Marco Verratti closely.

“I watch nearly all the matches and when I watch, I obviously observe the great players: what they are doing, how they position themselves. I try to take all that in, but I of course have my own style, Flavien Tait style, which is more of a box-to-box style.”

“Verratti, I have watched quite a few times. I watched him again this week. I saw his passes against Manchester City. He is exceptional in that mode. Aside from that, when I watch the matches, I don’t necessarily watch one player. I watch the match and I say to myself, that from this or that player, maybe I can learn things because they have different characteristics. I try to take all that in.”

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