Former WWE managing lead writer and Daytime Emmy Award winner Tom Casiello recently appeared on The Agenda Podcast, which you can listen to in full in the player below.

During the interview, Casiello revealed former WWE star Kaitlyn was tapped at one point to play the role of Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail. Casiello had the following to say on the subject:

“We had discussed Kaitlyn being the first female member of The Wyatt Family. Coming off of the Dolph [Ziggler], Big E, AJ [Lee] storyline, literally, the idea we pitched, and I get why we didn’t do this because it goes back to violence towards women. But the idea was that after the Big E thing, the AJ thing, she’s left with nothing, she has no title, she has no best friend, she has no boyfriend, she’s got nothing. She’s all alone outside the arena one night, and all of a sudden you see somebody appear behind her like ‘Hello, Kaitlyn’, and then a scream, and you cut to black. And then two months later she shows up as like, zombie Kaitlyn Wyatt.

Again, the storyteller in me is like, ‘ooohhh that’s so creepy and cool and awesome and fun, and [Kaitlyn] was down with it. But again, you’re talking about Bray Wyatt doing whatever he does to Kaitlyn off-camera, and it could be misinterpreted by media.”

Other topics covered in the interview include:
* NXT Redemption
* The rise of AJ Lee
* The role of The Bella Twins & Total Divas
* The importance of NXT & The Four Horsewomen
* The infamous Paige/Charlotte promo
* The return of the Women’s Championship and the retirement of the term “Diva”.
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* Being gay within WWE

Listen to “Episode 15: Timeline of The Revolution w/ Tom Casiello” on Spreaker.

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