Lewis Hamilton and long-standing physio and performance coach Angela Cullen announced their split on Friday in Jeddah, with the Kiwi moving on to pursue new adventures.

Cullen has been a ubiquitous presence in Hamilton’s life on the road, and her work included a lot more than ensuring the Mercedes driver’s physical and mental preparation on race weekends.

The 48-year-old married mom of two was assigned to Hamilton in 2016 by Hintsa Performance, the science-based high-performance coaching company founded by the late Dr. Aki Hintsa, the orthopaedic and trauma surgery specialist who looked after two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen during his career in F1.

A guardian angel of sorts who has been at Hamilton’s side for the past seven years, Cullen also looked after the Briton’s diet, agenda, travel arrangements and much more.

“I am incredibly grateful to be able to have her on the road with me,” Hamilton once said. “I don’t think I could do it without her.”

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But on Friday, Hamilton and Cullen announced their split, with each one paying a heartfelt tribute to he other.

“For the last seven years Angela has been by my side, pushing me to be the best version of myself,” Hamilton said ahead of Friday’s first practice.

“I am a stronger athlete and a better person because of her. So today I hope you’ll join me in wishing her the very best as she takes her next steps to pursue her dreams.

“Thank you for everything Ang, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.”

Cullen was equally grateful for her working relationship and the years spent alongside “the GOAT”.

“You GOAT!! I am so grateful and blessed to have had this incredible journey in F1 and I know my story will continue,” she said.

“It’s been such an honour and a pleasure to stand alongside you, I’m so proud of you, and everything you have achieved.

“Thank you for supporting me, believing in me, and showing me the limitless potential we all have within us.

“I am so excited to watch the next chapter for you. There’s nothing you can’t do.”

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