THE GAMES ARE once again — touch wood – coming thick and fast and we’re all on the move a little bit more; what better time to introduce our slick new Scores and Fixtures hub on The42?

In April of 2020, we told our many members and readers that dramatically reduced advertising revenues compelled Journal Media to make some cost-saving decisions which affected The42. 

We had planned to invest time, money and energy in improving the scores and data service before the events of last March. When it became clear 2020 wouldn’t afford us that opportunity we ultimately decided to shut it down and bring it back better. 

Today, we’re proud to show you our new home for fixtures, results, in-game scores, stats and leaderboards.  Nature is healing. 

The new comprehensive scorecentre here encompasses data for Gaelic games, football, rugby, and now boasts information for more sports like horse racing, NBA, F1… I could go on but check it out yourself here. 

This very welcome development for our site is due to several reasons: 

The many, many people who registered their disappointment when we shut up the old scores hub and explained to us over the past year how important the service is to many of you as you wait outside clothes shop dressing-rooms or keep an eye on a game at a wedding.

Secondly, we relaunch with the backing of one of our primary sponsors William Hill, who’ve helped The42 hugely over the past year in our efforts to maintain the standard of sports coverage you’ve come to expect from us over the past decade.

Finally, our members have made this — and plenty more — possible with their support. This growing community directly shape what The42 is is with constant feedback and suggestions, engaging with us in members’ WhatsApp groups, powering our podcasts, joining us on Zoom calls… and backing us with an annual or monthly membership fee.  You can learn more about the membership community, its benefits and how to join here. (And make sure to check out our Father’s Day promotion.) 

Let us know what you think of the new home of Scores and Fixtures on The42