Much to the disappointment of the Philadelphia audience, John Cena was just barely able to squeeze past Finn Balor in this week’s WWE RAW main event, earning his place in the upcoming men’s Elimination Chamber match on February 25th.

The 16-time world champion seemed visibly shaken by the loud, negative reaction from the Philly locals, somewhat out of character for a man dubbed “the most controversial figure in the history of sports entertainment”. Balor was able to kick out of the signature Attitude Adjustment, and even shook off a mid-match knee injury to escape the STF, but finally fell to a second AA from the top rope.

Cena will join Elias, Braun Strowman and three other men inside the Elimination Chamber on February 25th, where the winner will earn a WWE Universal Championship opportunity against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34.

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