Kenny Omega recently spoke with Jim Ross for the Ross Report podcast and he discussed the star rating system that Dave Meltzer uses.

“Dave has more influence in wrestling than a lot of wrestlers themselves have in wrestling. When I get a 7-star match, of course, I get my fair share of congratulations people are always happy for me and the performers involved but it leads to a lot of hateful messages as well. Anytime we have a big show the next week there is going to be a WWE show and those fans, regardless of if they have seen my stuff or not, they have to tag me in social media. My timeline gets filled with “this match was better than your match” and I get it, if you think so, no problem, it’s not bothering me, but don’t pollute my TL because I can’t see my own stuff anymore, it doesn’t concern me.”

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Matt Jackson Responds To Bully

An online troll took a shot at the height of the Young Bucks on Twitter and Matt Jackson responded in a fantastic way, by plugging his book. Jackson stated that he has written a book which is about being picked on for being small, suggesting they bought a copy.

I wrote an anti-bullying children’s book titled “Young Bucks Stand Tall” which is about being picked on in grade school for being a short kid. You can pre-order it at

— The Young Bucks (@MattJackson13) July 5, 2018

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The Ross Report

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