Sportskeeda and Gary Cassidy recently chatted with WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, who talked about AJ Styles joining WWE, ahead of the BT Sports launch party for WWE. Kurt Angle stated the following on AJ Styles: 
“Oh, I think WWE should have brought him in ten years ago. Unfortunately they didn’t but they got him. AJ’s still going strong. I’d say he’s every bit as good as he was ten years ago so I just hope his career continues on and he can give us a few more years.He’s been doing this for a while, for over 20 years. He was an amateur wrestler before. AJ is one of the best in the company, if not the best in the world, and he’s been that guy for eight years now – so he’s had a lot of success.” 
Styles finally joined the WWE roster in 2016, making his debut at that year’s Royal Rumble event. Since joining WWE, Styles has won the WWE World Championship twice and become a three-time US champion.Click Here: brisbane broncos store

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