Speaking on Instagram, PSG central defender Marquinhos’ partner Carol Cabrino, explained her and her family’s decision not to flee France for Brazil like Neymar and Thiago Silva did, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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“This is a very important time to speak. We are going through a very delicate moment. I am going to explain our decision to stay here. In fact, there is not much to say. We were already here. The Marquinhos family leaves here. There is his brother and his family, his sister and his family, his father and mother. They live next door, with each one having their own house. When Emmanuel Macron said on TV to stay at home and that everything was going to close the following day, we were all together. We see each other nearly everyday. We discussed it a lot in terms of what we should do. We had the option to go to Brazil. But we asked ourselves if that was the best option or not.”

“To go to Brazil, you take a plan, a car to the airport, another car upon arrival. There are a lot of us, because we are a family. I have two children who are not going to wear masks. I thought that it would be dangerous for us and even for others, for my family in Brazil. Even by staying enclosed over there, we were going to touch a lot of things and we do not know if we have the virus. There were lots of reasons to stay here.”

“As we were already together, we decided to quarantine and no longer see anyone else. Everyone came here with their things. We are about 15 or so. Yesterday (19th March), for the first time, we went out to the supermarket. We washed our hands, wore masks and gloves. We are protecting ourselves, because it is really important to stay at home.”

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