WITHOUT FAIL, SIX o’clock every evening in Ireland comes with a reminder that we must pause and think about all the dirty sinful stuff we’ve done over the course of 24 hours.

It’s a time for reflection, a time for stopping what you’re doing and looking out wistfully in to the middle distance until the 18 peals come to an end and it’s time for Dobbo to tell you what’s what what on the six-one news.

Source: Life Style Sports/YouTube

The above ad by Lifestyle Sports is a reminder that God will not abandon us during the difficult time of the Rugby World Cup, even if people will because of the distraction of that big ol’ bell. Aside from that important message, it also features…

This woman shifting into reverse

Ian Madigan reading what we can only presume is an early draft of George Hook’s promised erotic novel

This bored dominatrix (possibly also a part of The Wrong Hook series)

 Conor Murray as the world’s worst personal trainer

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And Robbie Henshaw getting a good feed into him before he goes and makes 17 hard carries per game

Easy on the white bread, Robbie.

‘It was probably me that was more emotional than the players’ – SchmidtDonncha O’Callaghan is leaving Munster after 17 years with the province