It should be no surprise to anyone by now that Ronda Rousey will be making an appearance at tonight’s Elimination Chamber Pay Per View to have her official contract signing, and there is speculation that she could appear on tomorrow night’s episode of Raw as well.

Just hours before the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, caught up with Ronda Rousey in a backstage exclusive interview on her thoughts about the show, and furthering speculation, and all but confirming that she will be appearing tomorrow on the Raw after Elimination Chamber.

Ronda comments that she doesn’t feel as much pressure as she’s dealt with before (which may or may not bode well with fans and the locker room backstage), but says that she is walking in all smiles and will see how it goes.

EXCLUSIVE: @RondaRousey is all smiles as she looks ahead to signing her #RAW contract tonight at #WWEChamber!

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2018

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