Former WWE Superstar, Ryback discussed the possibility of CM Punk returning to WWE during his latest podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

Despite the well-known issues that the two men have had with each other, Ryback discussed how he believes the door is open for CM Punk if he wants to go back to WWE.

“I think I saw Triple H had an interview when he was making the rounds with Tyson Fury on The MMA Show with Ariel Helwani. He said that, ‘The past is the past and never say never’, and I’ve said that. And that is why I say that you can go out and speak your truth because you have seen some of the guys that have come back. The Ultimate Warrior has come back multiple times and I think that was the extreme end. Bret Hart has physically assaulted Vince McMahon, I’ve just said f–k you, so CM Punk’s situation is like a hug compared to Bret Hart. He has come back multiple times.”

Ryback also gave his thoughts on whether or not Punk should work as a heel or a babyface if he returned:

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“With what happened with the MMA thing, I think Punk is a better heel,” Ryback went on. “I think he’s a better heel than a babyface. I think with the real-life stuff that has happened, I think there is still money to be made with him. But again, older, been out of the game for a bit – that schedule. But if that schedule is something where you just book him for live events and pay-per-views, that is more manageable. And to just put somebody there with him to give him some more credibility from an on-air standpoint, I think that is money. We’ll see. I mean, an agent role? You’re back literally on the road full-time doing that. You are living the life of a wrestler but not wrestling. It’s a little more laid back because you’re not straining yourself from performing every night, but living out on the road, that is something I don’t think he’d want to do at this stage of his life.”

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