WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins has randomly decided to deactivate his Twitter account this week, causing plenty of controversy amongst fans.

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Rollins’ last interaction on Twitter came with Sasha Banks after the Legit Boss had mocked him about a post he made regarding his upcoming match on WWE Raw with Rey Mysterio.

Rollins wrote in retaliation: “This is a match I’ve been looking forward to as much as every other match you’ve ever had…aka, not at all. Luckily for me, you’ll underdeliver like you always do and continue to wonder why you’re not in more main events.”

It isn’t known if this is why he got rid of his Twitter account, but that is the decision he made. Rollins hasn’t deleted the account though, as it isn’t giving the 404 message, which means he has likely just deactivated for now, although he is still on Instagram.

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