Xavier Woods AKA Austin Creed has been tweeting his level of enjoyment for the Woken Matt Hardy gimmick making its debut on Monday Night Raw. Matt Hardy tweeted back, voicing his pleasure at “The Day of New” standing with him in the “Great War”

In response, Xavier woods told Hardy to consider “The Day of the New” a friend to “House Hardy”. It is unlikely that this mutual friendship will foster anything on TV, but nonetheless, it’s fairly entertaining to see Hardy adding on new soldiers.


— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) December 9, 2017

Consider #TheDayOfTheNew a friend to #HouseHardy in the #GreatWar https://t.co/DETC4FaTEB

— 🍩Austin Creed🍩 (@XavierWoodsPhD) December 9, 2017

Triple H Sums Up “Epic” Two Days in Abu Dhabi, Says “This Is Hope”

As was previously reported, WWE spent two days in Abu Dhabi, the second night in which Triple H faced off against Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns.

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WWE posted a video on their YouTube page, in which Triple H was asked what the live events meant for WWE. Triple H stated that experience was awesome, seeing the first ever steel cage match and talking about the emotion for the first ever women’s match in Abu Dhabi.

“…really to me was just a very very emotional night of the first time women being able to perform here and wrestle in the ring here in Abu Dhabi. Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss put on a hell of a performance and they did it for the first time in history here. It’s hard to put into words emotionally what that means for women around the world, especially here in the middle easy, for women, for young women. I think the crowd summed it up best at a period of time in that match, they were chanting, “This is hope.”

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