WWE star Titus O’Neil was a guest on this morning’s episode of Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM Rush 93, and during the appearance, O’Neil elaborated more on his feelings towards Hulk Hogan’s speech given to the WWE locker room at Extreme Rules.

O’Neil opened up about Hogan’s speech, which O’Neil vehemently said he feels was “not an apology”, and furthered that he wanted to give Hogan a chance in the meeting, but when Hogan started the speech off with claiming he did not know he was being recorded when he made the racist remarks, that is when Hogan lost O’Neil.

O’Neil went on to explain he feels there is a big difference between a “mistake” and an “action”. O’Neil said Hogan did not make a mistake, as Hogan claims, but that his offensive and racist remarks were an action, which requires more of an apology than what Hogan offered at Extreme Rules.

O’Neil went on to say the inconsistencies in Hogan’s apology, along with the lack of true contrition, is what made O’Neil and other WWE stars feel that the Extreme Rules meeting with Hogan was a “waste of time”.

Also during the appearance today, Titus O’Neil shot down the false online reports of him “boycotting” WWE and storming out of the meeting with Hulk Hogan, and noted the reports were bogus. Titus, as well as co-host Mark Henry, clarified that the talents who were not needed at Extreme Rules that night were given permission to leave the PPV venue immediately after the meeting so they could travel to the next town for Raw on Monday night.

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