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Renewed with a focus on making himself an even better Clash Royale player, Cesaro (along with his partner in crime, the mysterious Man In The Shadows) gets himself ready for a year filled with chests and trophies! But FIRST… nursery rhymes?

Triple H On Rock’s Daughter at Golden Globes

As noted, The Rock’s daughter Simone Garcia Johnson was named the first ever Golden Globes Ambassador this year, and Triple H Tweeted the following on the honor:

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.@TheRock…man, when this NEXT generation takes over, there is no stopping them.
Congrats @SimoneGJohnson on representing YOUR generation and family legacy at the #GoldenGlobes. https://t.co/1XTdIWyyi4

— Triple H (@TripleH) January 12, 2018

WWE On 8 Things They Want to See Happen in 2018

WWE.com has published a new article on 8 things they want to see in 2018, and below is an excerpt:

Finn Bálor challenges for the Universal Championship

If the arc of the universe truly bends toward justice, Finn Bálor will go after the Universal Championship in 2018.

Nothing less than karma demands it. We’ve been through this dance a couple of times before, and it has stung every time: Resilient Superstar claws past the field for a massive title victory, loses said title due to unforeseen circumstances and never gets a chance to win it back.

It cannot – must not – happen with Finn Bálor. The table is too set, the timing is too right, the backup is too strong (hello, Gallows & Anderson) and the opportunity is too precious to be squandered. If Bálor is half the Superstar the WWE Universe believes him to be, he’ll be the one to shake the curse of the injured champion, battle his way back to the mountaintop and declare that the most unfortunate trend in sports-entertainment history is over. —ANTHONY BENIGNO

John Cena goes after No. 17

John Cena made history last January when he captured his 16th World Championship, defeating AJ Styles at Royal Rumble to become WWE Champion. Since then, Cena’s escapades have mostly been non-title affairs. We want to see that change in 2018.

Cena has already declared for the 2018 Royal Rumble Match. Should he win, the road to No. 17 – eclipsing Ric Flair’s titanic record – would be set in stone for WrestleMania. Whether he emerges from the 30-Superstar fray victorious, Cena’s chase of sports-entertainment immortality has the potential to be one of the biggest stories of 2018. —BOBBY MELOK

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