Ahead of tonight’s WWE Evolution, former SmackDown, and Raw GM, Vickie Guerrero spoke with Sky Sports about the event and who she would like to manage in today’s roster.

On WWE Evolution:

“I am very excited, to see these women to have a chance at making history and for me to be here to celebrate and support them it’s a celebration of all the women tonight. I retired in 2014 and women weren’t being used on TV so for us to be here tonight and see the growth and what they have proven to everyone is exciting.”

What has changed in WWE:

“What’s changed is we have a voice and that is to say that we belong and can have great storylines just like the men do and that we can be creative and beautiful and have the empowerment to have a place here in WWE.”

Women now being respected:

“Back in 2014 they were still having bikini matches and pillow fights the women were dressed pretty sexually explicit and to see that now they are taken seriously, they are dressing classy and holding their heads up higher now because they are respected. They are role models to everyone in the world they are able to say because we are wrestlers we have that talent and strength to come forward just as much as the men do.”

Who she would like to manage:

“The one person I would love to manage, I love Ruby Riott, she’s my favorite. The Riott Squad is so talented but for me to be managing I love the guys, that’s my entertainment because I am the Cougar of WWE. My son-in-law is Aiden English so it would be fun if we got to lie, cheat, and steal together. If I got the opportunity I would welcome it.”

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Sky Sports

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