The Luxe Arctic Parka is the finest expression of this highly practical yet polished aesthetic. Crafted from charcoal wool tweed from renowned Italian luxury wool experts Ing. Loro Piana & C., this design reveals multiple pockets to carry a wide range of necessities, as well as a detachable hood. The women’s version comes in grey tweed and blue wool featuring a detachable fur trimmed hood.

The Tech Arctic Parka delivers innovation to the urban sophisticate. Constructed from Gore-Tex – it’s breathable, waterproof and wind resistant. Graphene, an innovative, multi-purpose material which is stronger than steel, antibacterial, anti-static, super light and regulates body temperature – is incorporated into the insulation and lining. This style also boasts hidden details such as a detachable zipper vest and branded backpack straps for ease of carrying.

The Eco Arctic Parka is constructed from the highly functional Byrd Cloth. Originally created for Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s US Antarctic Expedition in 1939, this eco version is made from 100% organic cotton and due to its particular construction – is both water and wind resistant. The lining is made from 100% recycled polyester, insulation is provided by recycled down and the buttons are made from beetroot. It also features an inside pocket designed to carry reusable water bottles.

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