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WWE NXT Results
April 25, 2018

– Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to a fresh episode of WWE NXT alongside Percy Watson. Still no Nigel McGuinness this week as he’s at home with his newborn baby.


The Undisputed Era kicks off the show including their new brand new member Roderick Strong, who is carrying one of the NXT Tag Team Championships. The crowd welcomes them with a huge “UNDISPUTED” chant, and Adam Cole warns everyone that THIS is what happens when you back TUE into a corner. Bobby Fish claims they’ve been discriminated against ever since they arrived on NXT but they continue to be one step ahead, and now they entire group is literally dripping with gold.

Roderick Strong finally got on the mic and the crowd showed him exactly what they thought of his recent behavior. He mocked the crowd chanting “WHY RODDY WHY” and said that he had an epiphany. It’s always been him against the world, but why continue fighting when the Undisputed Era can take him exactly where he wants to go. The crowd is mixed on this. Cole gets back on the mic and continues to flaunt the group as the best in the world today, and said he was going to prove that fact by putting his title on the line, right here, right now.

NXT North American Championship Match

Cole’s ribs are all tapped up from pulling double duty at NXT Takeover, so he bails to the outside multiple times until Lorcan got pissed off and went out after him. Unfortunately he walked into a trap and the champion went on the offensive, throwing Lorcan into the barricade and rolling him back into the ring, slowing things down with as many holds as possible.

Eventually the challenger battled back and got some momentum going, but just as soon as he did Cole rolled to the outside and started clutching at his knee, screaming in pain. The referee went out to check on him and Kyle O’Reilly ran out with medics and started throwing up the “X” frantically, which got some laughs. On the other side of the ring Strong came out from the crowd and attacked Lorcan dropping him hard on the ring apron. Suddenly, like magic, Cole was completely fine and rolled back into the ring, connecting with the Shining Wizard and picking up the pin.

Winner and Still Champion: Adam Cole

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After the match the entire Undisputed Era (sans the injured Fish) put the boots to Lorcan, until Danny Burch ran out to make the save. He managed to get in a few licks, but eventually the numbers game was too much and they left both guys laying.

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