Jerry “The King” Lawler recently commented on working with Becky Lynch. The conversation about Lynch took place on Jerry’s Dinner With the King podcast, where Lawler talked about Becky approaching him backstage in WWE.

“Becky Lynch comes running up to me and says ‘I’ve been binge watching The King for the last two weeks on Youtube.’ It is a great compliment and I said to her you’ve been binge watching me on Youtube for what? She said ‘actually Vince McMahon told me not long ago that he wanted me to be more physical and I just thought who throws the best punch in the business? And that’s The King’.”

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Lawler said that Becky had been watching his matches in order to learn how to throw a better punch. But when she asked how he does it, Jerry was at a loss for words. He just couldn’t explain how he did it. But eventually he admitted that he got his famous punch from his mentor, Jackie Fargo.

The King went on to credit his ability to throw a great punch with his artistic side, as he believes that hand-to-eye coordination makes all the difference. Even though Lynch couldn’t really do much with that info because she’s not much of an artist, she did manage to mimic Lawler’s punch and use it against Charlotte Flair on SmackDown Live. She shared the punch via Twitter and when Lawler saw it, he quickly responded.

“I Tweeted her back and said that’s a Jerry Lawler punch if I’ve ever seen one. It was beautiful. It was a straight-in shot and it looked like she knocked her lights out.”

Becky Lynch is the hottest Superstar in Vince McMahon’s company and she’s only getting hotter. “The Man” won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match on January 27, which gave her a title shot at the women’s champion of her choosing. Lynch chose Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey and now the two are set to face-off for the title at WrestleMania 35 on April 7.

That's a Jerry Lawler punch if I've ever seen one! Beautiful!

— Jerry Lawler (@JerryLawler) January 30, 2019

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Dinner With the King

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