Yesterday Kevin Owens provided a positive update on his road to recovery, announcing that he was working in the ring again at the WWE PC against Adam Cole.

Whilst that was very positive news and a clear sign that he is working well towards a return, some fans began to think that KO would be back very soon, which isn’t the case.

Kevin Owens posted a second tweet, giving more detail on when he might actually return. Owens tweeted that he appreciates people getting excited, but he has just started putting furniture together and revealed he isn’t returning until that is done.

KO continued the joke stating that he sucks at it and therefore he will see everyone in a few months, maybe more, which is the time scale for his return, with KO expected to be part of the Raw after ‘Mania this year.

I appreciate people getting excited after my tweet earlier today but I’m beginning to put some furniture together in my house just now and I’m not coming back to @WWE until I’m done with that and I suck at it so I’ll see you all in a few months, maybe more.

Thank you. Take care!


— Soon…ish (@FightOwensFight) February 2, 2019

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