WWE 205 Live Results
April 24, 2018

– Nigel McGuinness is back behind the commentary booth as Vic Joseph and Percy Watson welcome us to this week’s big edition of 205 Live. As announced, tonight’s entire show will be a 5-man gauntlet match with the winner earning a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship this Friday afternoon in Saudi Arabia.

Cruiserweight Gauntlet Match

Great back and forth exchange as Perkins counters move for move with armdrags and dragon screws. Ali fights back with dropkicks and a few armdrags of his own sending his opponent to the floor, but TJP took a walk which the crowd was not a fan of. They showed a picture-in-picture interview with Cruiserweight Champions Cedric Alexander putting over the pure level of talent on the 205 Live roster, and claiming that the words of Buddy Murphy two weeks ago have had no effect on him. He basically said that if Murphy isn’t going to step up and make weight, there’s a whole division of talent ready to step over.

Perkins slowed things down with a submission wrenching Ali’s hands around his own neck until the Chicagoan fought back and started throwing hard right hands and chops. He climbed the ropes looking to put the match away, but TJP caught him out of the air with a dropkick to the knee that turned him inside out. Brutal move, and Ali is selling the knee hardcore now. TJ puts him in a kneebar hoping to get the submission, but he drags himself across the ring screaming in pain and just barely manages to get to the ropes. Ali stumbles to his feet and TJP makes the mistake of taking a bit too much time to taunt his opponent and Mustafa fights back managing to hit several dropkicks while doing his best to protect the knee. He gingerly climbed the ropes and somehow managed to hit the 054 imploding 450 splash to put his opponent away.

Advancing: Mustafa Ali


Gulak pretended to be the good guy to start off the match, asking his opponent if he needed to take a break to deal with his knee injury, then completely DESTROYED him with a lariat. From there it was all Gulak, slowing things down working the knee, stomping away on the target and keeping the high-flyer from getting anything going. Either Ali is selling his ass off in this match, or he’s a dead man walking after that clothesline. Every time he tries to get some momentum going, Gulak makes him pay for leaving his feet, catching him out of the air into a kneebar on multiple occasions.

Gulak wasted a bit too much time taunting, putting Ali on the top rope and smacking him in the face, mocking his opponent for his high-flying wrestling being “unsafe”. Ali finally got some momentum going and came off the ropes sending them both crashing to the floor below. He rolled Drew back into the ring and came off the ropes yet again connecting with a wicked tornado DDT that rocked both guys. Ali to the top a third time looking for his finisher, but his injured knee completely gave out. Gulak took advantage and threw him to the floor, and Ali’s skull bounced off the ring steps knocking him out completely cold. Drew rolled him back in by the hair and put him in the GuLock and the referee immediately ended the match.

Advancing: Drew Gulak


Nese thought about showing off his abs like he usually does, but this time shook his head and focussed up, going immediately after his former friend as the bell rang. Nese stomped a mudhole in his opponent, beating the hell out of Gulak all around the ring for several minutes before dumping him to the outside and connecting with a corkscrew plancha over the ropes. Somebody is FIRED UP tonight! Nese took the fight to the outside and continually threw his opponent into the barricade, over and over again, remembering to break the referee’s ten-count, until he was just a lifeless body on the floor.

Nese went a bit too far and threw him through the commentary table, screaming out “YOU’RE NOT ON MY LEVEL” and taking out his frustrations, to the point where the referee actually warned him to end the match or he’d end it for him. Gulak tried to get some momentum going and dodged a springboard attack, only to run right into a stiff elbow strike. He grabbed at his opponent’s beard just trying to get any opportunity he can, but Nese just destroyed him with a kick to the head. He could have won at this point but instead dragged his opponent’s body into the corner and pulled down his knee pad, looking to do some serious damage. He connects with a first knee but is too focussed on revenge and sets up for a second. Gulak had it scouted with the last bit of life in him and locked in the GuLock! Nese tried to escape but eventually was forced to tap out.

Advancing: Drew Gulak


Gulak is barely alive at this point and rolls to the floor to catch his breath. He doesn’t want to get back in the ring – I don’t blame him – and the fans are not happy about that. Once they finally locked up Kalisto easily took over with some quick armdrags and dropkicks, flying off the ropes to take the remaining gas out of his opponent’s tank. Gulak actually caught him on the ropes a few minutes in and sent him to the floor, throwing him into the barricade and slowing things way down, which is basically his only remaining strategy at this point.

Kalisto rallied back to escape a headlock and connected with a big back suplex. Nothing pretty, but effective. He hit the ropes but Gulak sent him crashing down hard into the top turnbuckle, then immediately applied the GuLock! Kalisto struggles but looks like he’s going to tap out, but somehow reverses the move using the ropes into the Solida del Sol! 1…2…3!

Winner: Kalisto

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