PWInsider is currently reporting that WWE has obtained a federal injunction to seize counterfeit merchandise. Thanks to an Apr. 15th injunction order in the United States District Court of New Jersey, WWE will be able to prevent the distribution of any items that contain WWE names, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

WWE will also be allowed to confiscate any counterfeit merchandise within a three-mile radius of all live events within the next year. This comes after WWE was able to prove that counterfeit merchandise was being sold within the grounds of MetLife Stadium during this year’s WrestleMania, and that sales of similar merchandise could be expected at other events as well.

The court ruled (via PWInsider):

“(a) WWE is likely to succeed in showing that Defendants have used counterfeit or infringing marks in connection with the sale, offering for sale or distribution of goods or services; (b) WWE will suffer immediate and irreparable injury and will have no adequate remedy at law if this Court declines to grant a preliminary injunction and order of seizure; (c) the harm to WWE should this Court not grant the requested preliminary injunction and order of seizure clearly outweighs any harm which Defendants might incur if the preliminary injunction and order of seizure is granted; (d) the public interest is served with the issuance of the preliminary injunction and order of seizure.”

The order will remain in effect until 2020, when WWE will likely file a similar injunction in Florida.

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